Is this thing on?

It has been over two years since my last blog post.  And I don’t apologize.

I stopped blogging about marketing, branding, and emerging technologies because I was tired. Plain and simple. I was tired of feeling like I *had* to have an opinion on everything. I was tired of slogging through news and other posts to find a new, fresh angle. But most of all, I was tired of the noise.

This is your brain on today’s content fire hose

This is a little hard for me to admit because in many ways, I have championed the interwebs and what it has enabled. It brings out the best (and worst) in all of us. Social media has done something revolutionary– it democratized the distribution of ideas. Before that, the common (hu)man had the right and ability to have ideas, but getting them in front of masses of people meant going through some gate keeper. Editors, newspapers, TV, etc. And now armed with laptops and smartphones, We were a force.

Not only could we state our opinions and ideas, we could talk to each other about them. We could exchange, disagree, challenge… It sounds really lovely, like we’ve achieved some democratic ideal. Spoiler alert: it hasn’t quite worked out that way.

You see, I wasn’t the only one on the content creation hamster wheel. It seemed like everywhere I went there were new posts, new videos, new snippets of information all vying for attention. Some of it was good. A lot of it was bad. Too much of it was hurtful/hateful/just plain propaganda. My eyes glassed over. No, wait… better put, my brain glassed over.

I just couldn’t find anything meaningful to read. Harder still was finding anything meaningful to say. So I stepped out of the hamster wheel and back into my real life. (Real life is awesome, by the way. You should try it sometime.)

But now I’m back. Well, sorta.

I’m dipping my toe back in the waters because there is some interesting stuff going on in the world of marketing and technology, and how that impacts actual human beings. I do have things to say– that hopefully contribute to the larger discussion.

So I’m making some promises right here and now:

I promise I will not post every Monday/Wednesday/Friday because an infographic told me to.

I promise I will never write a post titled “How to [INSERT SNAPPY NEW MARKETING TECHNIQUE] like a Fraggle.”

I promise not to waste your time with things I don’t believe are important.

I promise to really, truly care about what I say.

I promise to think before I write.

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